Behind the Scenes in Muscle Shoals

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes shooting the Muscle Shoals, AL episode of Chasing Down Madison Brown! 

The famous banana sandwich that Goober aka George Lindsay asked Mrs. Trowbridge to make for him when he was in college and a frequent customer at Trowbridges. 

It’s still on the menu today and can be ordered with peanut butter or mayo. I’m a PB girl myself. 

There are few things I love more than small town history, told in an establishment that’s seen it all. 

I love a good chocolate milkshake, but darn is the orange pineapple ice cream incredible. 


Mr. Trowbridge and I! The ice cream parlor has been in his family for 100 years. 

Look who I brought with me. He can’t resist a good chocolate milkshake either. 


I still can’t believe I got a personal tour of the newly renovated Muscle Shoals Sound Studio from David Hood himself. He’s kinda a huge deal. Like played with Aretha Franklin and the Rolling Stones big deal. 

The studio has been restored to it’s 1960s glory. And it’s amazing. 

Dad (Mark Miller), me, and David Hood! 

A lot of great music was recorded on this board. Too bad I have no clue how to use it. 

But at least I look cool trying? 

This is THE piano the riff to “Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll” was written on. 

My cousin Hunter is a piano freak and loved sitting down and playing this historic piano.  

The building is so small! It’s hard to believe so much incredible music was made in this tiny building. 


If you want to tour the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio – you can! Just click here and see where some of the most incredible songs of the past were recorded. 

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