Fall Decorating Tips

I love fall, y’all! 

I love fall decor. Lots of plaids and rich, warm colors. Candles galore and pumpkin spice everything. The color palette sets the tone for cozy snuggles and warm drinks by a fire. There are a couple, simple things that you can to do (pumpkin) spice up your home decor to achieve the perfect cozy fall mood. So here are my top 3 fall decorating tips. 

Fall Decorating Tips 

Pillows Galore 

A quick way to make your home feel cozy for fall is to change out your pillows. All of your base decor stays the same, but you can stay seasonal by incorporating pillows that reflect the time of year. My favorite place to go find new pillows is Homegoods. They have a massive, ever changing selection, are inexpensive, and always seasonal. I can always find my favorite brands like Ralph Lauren Home and Les Cruset! 

  • Tips for choosing pillows:
    • Don’t let things get too matchy. Achieve this by either using an odd number of pillows or mismatching patterns. For instance, I have 6 pillows on my sofa, but only 2 of them are in the same pattern. 
    • But stick with in the same color palette. This helps keep cohesion, even with all of your different patterns.
    • Get some solid, some textured, and some patterned.
  • How I did this:
    • My staple living room has lots of warm colors – warm woods, cream walls, a predominately red rug, cream sofa,  and lots of dark blues. Therefore, I chose pillows that complimented that color scheme. Deep burgundy pillows with a fun texture, a solid warm yellow pair, a couple dark orange in a ticking stripe, and of course a plaid! 

Faux fur rugs aren’t just for the floor! 

Part of making it feel like fall is making your space cozy. And there isn’t a better way to do that than throwing a faux fur rug or runner over your sofa and chairs! It’s like making your chairs into a giant sherpa blanket to sink back into after a long day. I found mine for a great price and in varying sizes at, surprise surprise, Homegoods.  

Candles, candles, everywhere. 

Scents really set the mood for me, which is why candles are such a huge part of making it feel like fall! I think that fall and winter have the best smelling candles, hands down. Pumpkin spice, cedar, etc. – they are all so warm and inviting. Stock up on your favorite smelling fall candles, get fun votives like these pumpkin ones, and place them all round! Not to mention with the sun setting sooner, candle light makes everything seem a bit more autumnal (and romantic, let’s be honest). 
So there y’all have it, my best fall decorating tips! Go forth and pumpkin spice up more than just your latte! 

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