Flag Fruit Cookie Pizza

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I’m celebrating at the beach in Hilton Head, SC with Brady’s family and man am I happy to be back by the sea! To celebrate, I made one of my favorites – fruit cookie pizza. And because it’s Memorial Day, I made it in the shape of a flag! Here’s how:

Start by baking a cookie in a rectangular pan. I like to use the store bought kind that you find in a tube in the refrigerated section of the grocery. 

Spread icing all over the top of the cookie. 

This is a little easier if the cookie is still slightly warm! 

Then to start the flag shape I like to draw out the pattern on the icing. 

Then start filling in the fruit to make the flag! You can use bananas as the stars or you could have not forgotten the tiny star cookie cutter you have just for this and have used it to cut out stars of the bananas. You can also use pineapples or apples. 

Then use whatever red fruit you like for the stripes. I used strawberries. 

And voila! You have a beautiful, easy, patriotic dessert perfect for entertaining a crowd. 

I’d also love to say a heartfelt thank you to all of the men and women who serve us and our country so diligently to make sure that we are safe and free. May we never forget that this weekend is to honor the sacrifice that many have made to ensure that we can safely go to the beach and enjoy this wonderful country I am so proud to call my own! 

God Bless America! 




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  1. Portia Sache
    July 4, 2019 / 7:57 PM

    Will try this for Sunday.

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