Behind the Scenes: Days off in Scottsdale, AZ

Guide To: Scottsdale, AZ 

Right outside of Phoenix sits the charming town of Scottsdale. We had a couple of days off between shoots and we couldn’t have picked a better town to stay in. The ample amount of activities paired with the laid back vibe made for the perfect couple of days. 


Where to Stay

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Scottsdale and Phoenix are known for their luxurious resorts and while those are always fun, I sometimes prefer an airbnb. Mainly for the kitchen. I found the most perfect one a mile away from Old Town Scottsdale. It has a killer backyard and a rooftop that overlooks the mountains. A huge plus were the Lime Bikes that you can ride – I biked to breakfast every single morning from our house. This is the exact listing. I can’t recommend this place enough. 


What To Do

Can you go to Scottsdale and not hike the famous Camelback Mountain?! The answer is no. Word to the wise: this is not a mountain, it is a stairclimber posing as a mountain. I didn’t make it to the top and I’m honestly okay with that because parts of the mountain are vertical. But it’s definitely worth trying! Other musts include: 

  • Walking around Old Town and finding a perfect turquoise ring. 
  • Watching a spring training game. 
  • Golfing. Not a pro? Do what I did and head to Top Golf. I had no clue what I was doing and it was a great time! 
  • Have a spa day at The Wigwam Resort. It’s got all of the southwestern flair you could want with all of the best amenities. 


Where to Eat

After a long day of hiking (aka almost dying if you’re me), you need fuel. Head over to the Original Chop Shop. I love this place. They have everything from salads to wraps to fresh lemonade to açaí bowls to juices, etc. I’ve never been so excited to order something green and good for me. I also might have gone back… every day while we were there. Other yummy places include: 


There really is something about the desert. It’s good for the soul. Go to Scottsdale and you’ll see what I mean! 




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