Las Vegas, NV

I travel to Las Vegas where she get’s a front row seat to the magic at Tommy Wind’s show. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this high energy, family friendly magic show all happening right on the Las Vegas strip! You can get tickets for his show, Amazing Magic, here.

Here is a sneak peak of my time with Tommy Wind at his Amazing Magic show!

Then, I make my way over to the Wynn Hotel and learn how to make the Jardin Restaurant’s signature Fleur cake. No, this isn’t an illusion, it’s the cake itself! Served in an edible flowerpot and topped with edible flowers, this show stopper tastes just as incredible as it looks. Oh and the best part? The Fleur cake is chocolate!

Click the live links below to learn more about the people and places I chased down on this episode!

Magician Tommy Wind

Jardin Brunch Restaurant at Encore Resort at the Wynn Hotel

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