Behind the Scenes: The Ark Encounter

Noah’s ark is in Kentucky.

Okay, so maybe it isn’t the real thing but it is a full scale replica of the actual biblical Noah’s ark. In the middle of Kentucky! Ya, I had no idea either. But when I heard about The Ark Encounter I knew that I immediately had to chase it down and share it with y’all.

When you first arrive, the ark isn’t in sight. You park you car and hop on a bus. Then, as you round the last corner, BAM, you see it. It’s truly something to behold and I don’t quite have the words to describe it. Only that all of a sudden you see this incredible structure that takes up your entire line of vision. As you step off of the bus and walk toward the entrance, which is under the ark, the sheer mass of the ark is impressed upon you.

I met up with Patrick Kanewske who guided me through the Ark Encounter. He explained that they enlisted the help of scholars who specialized in ships built during the era that Noah would have been building the ark. Using the Bible and historical knowledge, they came up with a design that is not only Biblically accurate but also historically correct.

Next up were the animals because you can’t have a Noah’s Ark without the animals going two by two! The encounter has some of the most beautifully sculpted animal replicas I’ve ever seen. Many of the animals I recognized, but others I didn’t. It was incredible to learn why the animals of Noah’s day didn’t look like the ones we know and love today. But then came my favorite part of the ark: the live animals!

Behind the Ark, there is a real life zoo. Every day, they bring up a couple of animals onto the ark to interact with the visitors. The day I was there, I met a precious alpaca and a porcupine.

By this point, Patrick and I made our way up to the top level of the Ark, where they have the “living quarters” of Noah and his family. I’ll be honest, I’d never thought of how they lived during their time on the Ark. My favorite part about the Ark Encounter was how I was challenged to see Noah’s ark as not simply a story in the Bible, but to really think through it happening as history.

The Ark Encounter is definitely a must go for you and your family. It’s larger than life, so much fun, and really brings the Bible to life in a way that I hadn’t ever experienced before. I hope you liked the episode!

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